About Me

Hi, I am Ester Juliana Parhusip. You can call me Ester. I am the second from the seventh of my sibling. I was born in a small village, Bandar Pasir Mandoge, Kab. Asahan, Sumatera Utara on Saturday, 13th July. I was blessed to born by my mother, E. Pasaribu with her husband, T. Parhusip.

Well, I started my carrier as a hotelier on an unpredictable opportunity that I have never imagined before. but I love being a hotelier so far! It makes me challenge myself day by day to serve people in a positive way. I am currently working in a famous five star hotel in Medan, Grand Swiss-Belhotel Medan.

I am not a good people in writing actually but I try all of my potential as long as it is positive. I love to watch movie than reading a book but lately, My mentor remind me that you can learn many things from your life-experience but it is not the only one way you can learn. In order to learn from another people life-experience, we must read their book. A smart people no need to fall down and then stand up but how we keep stand up when the others fall down.

I am a quit active in social-media so you can find me on my website, instagram, facebook, linkedin, twitter, Google+, etc.

Thank you for your curiosity about me and have a productive day ahead!
God bless us at all! 😻

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